Our company’s mission is to become the biggest open source solutions provider in Egypt’s field of Information Technology. Mazaya strongly believe that technology is a remarkable asset if used correctly and can be problematic if it is used in the wrong manner. Therefore we try to provide stable, consistent and authentic solutions based on opensource software . It happens sometimes that the IT consultants fail to provide solutions that are consistent with the problem of the client or which could be inconvenient for them. We, however, strive to ensure that our clients get good quality of support from us which is not only convenient for them but is also fruitful and productive.Here at Mazaya, we are also determined to increase our client’s knowledge of open source solutions. This will make everyone very knowledgeable about what we offer and it will make it much easier for our customers to determine the solutions that meet their needs and requirements in the best way possible. We guarantee that we will provide our customers with open source software that provides reliable, stable and cost-effective solutions for organizations and the government sector. This way, we are sure to partner with our clients to help them achieve their objectives in the best way possible.We know all too well that we are not the first company in the world of IT with that mission, but we have proven ourselves by taking initiatives and measures to ensure that we live true to our word and exceed your expectations of us. We have also been working towards improving our market place in general in our efforts to become the largest open source provider in the area. While we might not be there yet, we are very close to achieving this and it is just a matter of time before we get there.