Proxmox Mail Gateway protects your email server from Spam, Viruses, Trojans and Phishing emails. The web-based management empowers the admin to control all functionalities. This includes the unique message tracking center, collecting and displaying all available logs in an easy to understand summary— a great solution for your help desk. The Installation Medium (CD or USB) is a complete operation system, including everything to install and run the Proxmox Mail Gateway in a few minutes. It can be installed on bar-metal but also on almost all leading virtualization platforms.

The Proxmox Mail Gateway HA Cluster consists of a master and several nodes (minimum one master and one node). Configuration and data is synchronized to all cluster nodes over a VPN tunnel. The use of the unique application level clustering scheme provides extremely good performance. Special considerations where taken to make management as easy as possible. Complete Cluster setup is done within minutes. Nodes automatically reintegrate after temporary failures without any operator interaction.


Dual Virus Scanning

HA Cluster

Leading Spam detection technologies

Statistics and Reports

Message Tracking Center

Hardware indepentent

Object-oriented Rule System

Full Virtualization support