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At MAZAYA we offer assistance and solutions aligned with each of our practice areas. All our solutions managed and delivered by security-cleared technical staff who deliver personal and professional service to each of our customers. MAZAYA believes in transparency and makes detailed reports available, giving customers insight into their technology investment. Our solutions maintain reliable service delivery through mature operational policies and procedures, objectively validated in an annual Service Organization Control audit. Our support team operates 24/7/365, offering monitoring, management, and incident response services from a world-class operations center. MAZAYA staff includes highly talented and certified employees who are best at what they do. They have the capability to provide solutions to all kinds of problems of software and development. Our organization has planned and developed IT infrastructure solutions which have been verified through trials in different situations and are now available for other organization. This helps in enhancing the working of an organization. Some of the solutions available for our clients after testing are Mail Server Solutions, Server Security Solutions, Network Management and Remote Server Management etc. MAZAYA has also formulated Open Source Business Solutions which have been tried in different settings and are now available for assisting other organizations. Some of these solutions are Content Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning and so on.

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