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Mazaya is a leading IT company which provides best services in Open Source Software. It has huge benefits. It not only ensures stability but it also is reliable and cost effective which can be used by organizations as well as government sector. It is been few years in Egypt when there have been an increase in request for Open source solution providers. This asked for the creation of more professional organizations that work in Information Technology. Mazaya therefore is one of the front line Open source experts which provide best services to its clients.For the past couple of years, demand for open source solutions in Egypt and the Middle East area in general has increased considerably. This has, in turn, created the need for strong entities to join the market and we are proud to be among the most accomplished firms offering state of the art software solutions in the area. Here at Mazaya, we boast of having the best open source experts in the region and we have the experience and a proven track record of success that makes us the best choice for clients.We are a one stop provider for all of your open source solutions. We know that clients invest huge amounts of money when buying commercial software and, even though such software can have similar features as the open source solutions, unfortunately such clients often fail to find the right consultants to guide them. Therefore, all their hard earned money simply goes to waste as they end up with software solutions that are nowhere near what they expected. However, we have the best solution for this.Consulting with commercial software and service providers is quite expensive and clients invest large amount of money in it to solve their issues. These services can be obtained from Open source solution providers too. Clients often get in the dilemma because of lack of guidance  continuous support from their service providers. Our mission is to provide all these services to our clients for their satisfaction.